About Us

LendVent is a technology-enabled funding platform which connects qualified direct lenders including individuals and institutions to real estate investors and developers. Our platform allows consumers to get multiple offers from multiple hard and private money, asset-based lenders in a matter of minutes.

LendVent is where real estate lenders and investors meet

What used to require days, weeks or even months of searching, phone calls, networking and luck now can be achieved over a cup of coffee. LendVent ensures that you are matched with the ideal lender or borrower fast.

LendVent for Hard Money and Private Money Real Estate Lenders

Becoming a LendVent lender eliminates the need for marketing and networking to find the right real estate investors by sending you only those who fit your lending criteria. This may save you hours of work and negotiation, trying to find investors and structure deals. You set your interest and terms once. The proprietary LendVent technology will connect you with the real estate investors and developers who are comfortable with your criteria and eager to close the deal. Do you work only with real estate fix and flip investors who have done a certain number of projects? LendVent will automatically send you only those real estate investors who have your required experience. Create your LendVent lender’s profile today!

LendVent for Real Estate Investors

LendVent is the easiest and fastest way to find the best hard money and private money lenders for your fix and flip, fix and hold or transactional funding needs. With one easy-to-create profile, you can reach out to multiple lenders at once, eliminating the time-consuming search for the best hard money or private money loan for your individual needs. Stop wasting valuable time searching for hard money lenders interest rates and terms that suit your needs. With LendVent, you’ll only be matched with those that are willing to lend what you need, how you need it. Create your LendVent borrower’s profile today!